Weekly concentration to be used is 30 g (scoop included in the container) per 1000 liters of spa water.

Quick efficiency

From the first weeks of use, Crystalspa will stabilize and clarify the water in your spa.

It is safe even in presence of high concentrations of chlorine or other disinfectants. As in the case of all other types of treatment, it is necessary to maintain a good balance of water:

  • Total alkalinity (TAC)
  • Calcium hardness (TH)
  • Potential for hydrogen (pH)

A sufficient concentration of disinfectant (chlorine, bromine, etc.) is also essential. Monitor these parameters using an appropriate test kit. The temperature and nature of the water can affect these parameters. CrystalSPA is not compatible with PHMB (Biguanide).

Refer to the dosage calculator to assess the quantity required.

Crystalspa can be put directly into the spa water.

It is possible that when adding the product, a slight loss of water transparency is momentarily observed.

This is expected and even desirable since it confirms the complete dissolution of the active ingredients in Crystalspa.

For this reason and for this reason only, we recommend adding it after taking the spa and not before. You will find unique clarity in just a few hours after adding Crystalspa.

Cloudy water?

In particularly cloudy water, Crystalspa can be added in higher concentrations.

In these cases, you can first measure and add the dose recommended on the instructions for use and add another 24 hours after.

Remember, however, that the best treatment for restoring clean, clear and healthy water is CHANGING the spa water. Nothing can replace this treatment!

For your safety, your comfort and to enhance the longevity of your equipment , it is necessary to maintain a good balance of water: total alkalinity (TAC), calcium hardness (TH), pH, as well as a safe disinfectant concentration (chlorine, bromine or lithium). Monitor these parameters using an appropriate test kit.

Crystalspa, a water:

  • Uniquely clear
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Cleaner, longer.
  • Gentle on skin and equipment
  • Ecological, thanks to the ingredient it’s made from.
To facilitate the maintenance of your spa