pH stabilization

Crystalplus increases the dampening properties of water. It provides for maintaining stable pH levels all season-long. Water kept at optimum pH doubles the efficiency of chlorine.

From the first weeks of use, crystalplus will stabilize your pool water, regardless of weather conditions:

  • Rainfall (acid rain),
  • Sun or extreme temperature,
  • Type of chlorine or oxidant used.

Significantly decreases the need for disinfectant

As chlorine will no longer be used as an algaecide, but only as a bactericide, you’ll quickly note significant savings. crystalplus is compatible with all types of chlorine, bromine, lithium and peroxide (active oxygen).

With Crystalplus, your pool water will:

  • no longer smell of chlorine as much,
  • not bleach skin,
  • not discolour hair,
  • not cause eye irritations,
  • not discolour bathing suits.

Control algae

Crystalplus is a safe and efficient algaecide. By preventing the photosynthesis process, it inhibits the growth of algae including those invisible to the naked eye. Crystalplus improves water limpidity and provides for decreasing the amounts of chlorine- and bromine-based products needed.

Water clarification

The ingredients that compose the certified formulation of crystalplus were also calculated and balanced in view of stimulating the efficiency of the filtration system, therefore water transparency.

pH stabilization

Maintaining water at an optimal pH doubles the effectiveness of chlorine throughout the season.

Disinfectant reduction

Reducing the use of disinfectant as an algaecide will save you considerably.

Algae control

Effective and safe algaecide that inhibits photosynthesis, eliminating algae even invisible to the eye.

Water clarification

The ingredients stimulate the efficiency of the filtration system, so the transparency of the water.
To facilitate the maintenance of your pool