Crystalspa, a unique product for spa water


crystal spa 500g

Efficient, economical and safe

  • Uniquely clear, safe and comfortable water at all times.

  • Simplifies spa maintenance, with a minimum of chemicals.

  • Easy to use - once a week - and decreases time required for maintenance.

  • Mild and safe, it lets you enjoy your pool without the wait, while its ingredients are approved to treat drinking water.

  • Allows for significant savings in terms of time, money and chemicals.

Crystalspa works 5 ways :

1. Clarifies water.
2. Neutralizes and stabilizes pH.
3. Simplifies maintenance.
4. Delays foaming.
5. Environmentally safe.



1. Clarifies water

Crystalspa is remarkably and uniquely efficient for clarifying water. Calibrated and formulated for spas, it increases the efficiency of the filtration system. By providing for improved elimination of particles, it increases water transparency.

Water so clear you'll think it's . . . blue!



2. Stabilizes pH

Adding crystalspa once a week helps maintain a consistent pH level. Optimum pH greatly increases comfort in the water and the efficacy of the disinfectants used.

Crystalspa is not a disinfectant. It is imperative to maintain a safe disinfectant concentration in the spa water at all times (chlorine, bromine, lithium, active oxygen, activating agent or peroxide).

Based on the volume of water used, the following need to be checked regularly:

  • Actual disinfectant concentration.

  • pH.

  • Total alcalinity (TAC).

  • Calcium hardness.


3. Simplifies maintenance

The maintenance at all times of a safe concentration of disinfectant and the weekly addition of crystalspa are - in most cases - the only maintenance operations needed to enjoy perfectly clear water.

Crystalspa is compatible with every type of disinfectant available on the market. Your salesperson will be able to advise you as to the best choice for the use you make of your spa.

Please note that users of chlorine in their spa must use di- as opposed to tri-chloride. The use of tri-chloride (pellets or granules) can even invalidate the warranty of many spa manufacturers.

(See FAQ on types of chlorine and their attributes).


4. Delays unsightly appearance of foam

Crystalspa is not an anti-foaming agent. Its cleaning and clarifying action optimizes the action of the filtres and significantly reduces invisible suspended solids in the water. Water remains clean longer, which delays the onset of foam in your spa.


5. Environmentally safe

Crystalspa is safe for flora and fauna. It does not accelerate the destruction of natural habitats.

Crystalspa contributes to sustainable development; its ingredients are environmentally safe.



Crystalspa, water that's . . .

  • Uniquely clear

  • Easy to maintain.

  • Cleaner, longer.

  • Mild on skin and materials.

  • Ecological, thanks to the ingredient it's made from.