Crystalplus to facilitate maintenance of your pool


Crystalplus to facilitate your swimming pool maintenance

Crystalplus, a unique product to help maintain your swimming pool water

A pool water maintenance product stemming from laboratory research and tested in thousands of pools.

A pool water product that provides for maintaining clean water while using a lot less disinfectants, and which helps decrease the concentrations of all other chemical necessary maintenance products.


Crystalplus, an effective product to maintain your swimming pool water

Once a week, it will help you keep your water clear and healthy – so clear in fact that you’ll lose any notion of depth.


Crystalplus a powerful and gentle product for your swimming pool maintenance

A pool product both powerful and mild. An effective mix of active water treatment ingredients for water that remains crystal clear all season-long.


Crystalplus a product to facilitate maintenance of your swimming pool

Crystalplus helps you save time and money, because it it is designed to help you use significantly less disinfectant and other chemical products. Used once a week, crystalplus simplifies maintenance operations and reduces the time you need to invest in this chore every week.


Crystalplus for a stable swimming pool water

Contrary to the first-generation product, crystalplus stands out thanks to the increased stabilizing power of its ingredients:

  • Stable pH,
  • Greater efficiency.

Crystalplus, a reliable product for your swimming pool maintenance

A weekly application of crystalplus simplifies pool water maintenance no matter the weather. What’s more, it helps save on the following products:

  • algaecides
  • clarifier
  • stabilizer
  • pH corrector

You’ll thus have to invest less time and money.


Crystalplus, a product approved and safe for your swimming pool water

Crystalplus is safe for users, the pool, the water heater and the environment. You can even enjoy your pool without the wait after the application.
It is certified by Office de Santé Suisse and by many international regulatory authorities.


Crystalplus – a formulation made up of stabilized ingredients balanced for maximum efficiency.

A product that optimizes pool water maintenance.